While the Beatles weren’t my generation’s music neither is Mozart’s music but I listen to that because genius is timeless! Going strong at 78 Sir Paul McCartney recently scored another #1 hit album with McCartney III.

Fame though, is a double edged sword as demonstrated by the headlines “Sir Paul McCartney talks to tree that is ‘spirit of George Harrison.’” These headlines are misleading as it implies there’s something wrong with Sir Paul. During an NPR Interview McCartney said he feels George Harrison’s spirit around a tree Harrison gifted him.

What Sir Paul McCartney described is a “Frequency Beacon” a concept I developed and explained in my book Evidence of Eternity. Everyone experiences Frequency Beacons if you know how to spot them—and that’s easier than you think.

According to quantum physics everything including human beings are energy and interconnected energetically. Love transcends physical death and is the binding energetic force between all sentient beings.

Frequency Beacons bridge the divide with the Other Side by making us receptive to the presence of spirits. They’re set in motion when your brain emits an energetic impulse—such as grieving or just thinking heavily about a loved one in spirit. Suddenly you may feel that person’s presence. Sometimes, there’s an emotional trigger like visiting a place which reminds you of a person who passed, or seeing a physical object—a piece of jewelry, clothing—or maybe even a tree.

Humans aren’t the only ones who emit Frequency Beacons; spirits use them to send us messages of love. Ever feel the presence of a deceased loved one? Glimpsed that person in your peripheral vision? Heard his/her voice? Smelled a familiar scent with no source for the aroma? Had a coherent conversation in a dream? If so, you’ve been on the receiving end of a spirit’s Frequency Beacon.

Sir Paul’s Frequency Beacon demonstrates the emotional bond between the Beatles. There’ve been other super groups but there’s never been anything like the Beatles. Can any of us truly understand what it was like to be a Beatle? As superstars the paparazzi intensely reported everything about their lives especially the group’s contentious breakup. However, before John Lennon passed they’d all reconciled. Years later George Harrison died from cancer.

George Harrison may have been the “Quiet Beatle” but he was also a very spiritual man with deep faith in God and the afterlife. Aside from making music his passion was gardening. That’s why he gave Paul McCartney a fir tree as a gift. During the NPR interview Sir Paul said, “It’s lovely. He gave it to me, so I just planted it. But then, as the years go by, every time I look at it I go, ‘That’s the tree George gave me.’ George has entered that tree for me. I hope he’s happy with that.”

Sir Paul’s Frequency Beacon illustrates how the energy of life flows Within You Without You and With A Little Help From My Friends, In The EndAll You Need Is Love.


~Mark Anthony (originally published in Best Holistic Life Magazine, Spring 2021)


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